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August, 2010 News

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Deputy of Development and Network Management of ITC announced: Test launching of Digital Internet Address System Aug 30, 2010
Head of CRA announced: Approving the principles of first operator license of Post in CRA commission Aug 30, 2010
Head of special commission for monitoring and following up the implementation of Article 44: Ministry of ICT has gained an acceptable score in privatization Aug 30, 2010
Minister of ICT announced: 90 percent of activities in the area is done by private sector Aug 30, 2010
ITU welcomes Timor-Leste as 192nd Member State Aug 28, 2010
Google Fixes Gmail Bug That Turned Email into Spam Aug 28, 2010
ITU Plenipotentiary Conference begins in Mexico on 4 October Aug 25, 2010
ITU appeals for global monetary assistance for flood-affected Pakistan ITU offers assistance in rehabilitation of telecommunication infrastructure Aug 25, 2010
Head of CRA announced: Approving the principles of first operator license of Post in CRA commission Aug 25, 2010
Google buys shopping comparison site Aug 24, 2010
Super bus' could cure Beijing traffic woes Aug 24, 2010
Minister of Education: Education Center Connection to the Network is necessary Aug 24, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour: ICT development will be a fundamental movement in education Aug 24, 2010
CEO of Payam Special Economic Zone said: six contracts have been signed during 60 days Aug 22, 2010
Iranian video game hero Garshasp seeks fans abroad Aug 22, 2010
Waterloo Labs Makes Eye-Controlled Mario Aug 22, 2010
Deputy of Technical Reviews & License Issuance of CRA announced: SLA related to Data Communication Quality Level approved Aug 21, 2010
China's Internet access 'matches' rich world Aug 21, 2010
Recession hits smart-phone makers in the chips Aug 21, 2010
The defined Projects in the fourth plan has been operated Aug 18, 2010
Deputy of Strategic Planning and Control of ICT announced: Defining 14 Main Indicators for Developing National IT Aug 18, 2010
PC Maker Offers Six-core Laptop With 4TB of Storage Aug 18, 2010
E-commerce sales in China surge, says state media Aug 18, 2010
Windows 7 mobile phones will link to Xbox 360 consoles Aug 18, 2010
New victim in India-Pakistan 'cyberwar' Aug 17, 2010
IBM Unleashes 256-core Unix Server, Its Biggest Yet Aug 17, 2010
Four Democrats urge U.S. to act on Internet traffic Aug 17, 2010
Microsoft links new smart phones to Xbox Live Aug 17, 2010
Internet Explorer Turns 15 Aug 16, 2010
CEO of Payam Aviation Services Co.: postal hub building is ready to operate Aug 16, 2010
Internet era espionage pits spy against tech Aug 16, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour: ICT nature is media and information Aug 15, 2010
Post Bank, a bank as major as Internet Aug 15, 2010
Minister of ICT announced: Iran is determined to be candidate for membership in ITU Council Aug 14, 2010
Deputy of Minister in Technology and International Affairs: ICT has been exploited incorrect Aug 14, 2010
Minister of ICT in the reporters meeting: We will enjoy the experiences of other countries to develop e-government Aug 14, 2010
Google to introduce 'Street View' in Germany Aug 11, 2010
Vice Deputy of Management Development and Supporting Affairs announced: 240 requests for leaving Tehran Aug 11, 2010
Security Researcher Warns on UAE BlackBerry Replacements Aug 11, 2010
Google, Verizon say no 'net neutrality' for wireless Aug 11, 2010
CEO of TIC announced: Transferring 13 Million Minuets Termination from Legal Path Aug 9, 2010
Deputy of Monitoring in CRA announced: The foreign adviser of mobile third operator is going to start Aug 8, 2010
CEO of Post Co. of Iran announced: Signing a MoU for cooperating with 4 countries in the region Aug 7, 2010
BlackBerry maker and Saudis working on fix: source Aug 7, 2010
Zeus Malware Used Pilfered Digital Certificate Aug 7, 2010
Intel Bends to U.S., Google Wave Washes up Aug 7, 2010
Disgraced HP CEO to get nearly $28m in cash, stock Aug 7, 2010
For Africa and the Middle East, the world just got a whole lot smaller Successful launch of new RASCOM and NILESAT communications satellites promises unprecedented connectivity to advanced ICT services across the entire region Aug 7, 2010
ITU Regional Forum on Digital Inclusion boosts regional cooperation Ministers of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and Nepal commit to increased regional cooperation Aug 7, 2010
CEO of Telecommunication Co. of Isfahan announced: A seminar will be held to study BTS waves on human body Aug 4, 2010
Minister of ICT announced: e-Government Developing, the Main Program of Tenth Cabinet Aug 4, 2010
Why Linux Is More Secure Than Windows Aug 4, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour: One method of human resource management is home office Aug 4, 2010
AP IMPACT: New ID theft targets kids' SS numbers Aug 3, 2010
Four Ways Camera Phones Are Better Than Cameras Aug 3, 2010
Motorola back on top Aug 3, 2010
Mobile carriers plan pay system Aug 3, 2010
Microsoft patches "critical" crack in Windows Aug 3, 2010
Elite US cyber team courts hackers to fight terror Aug 2, 2010
UAE to ban BlackBerry services, Saudi follows suit Aug 2, 2010
Head of Management Staff of Transportation and Fuel: Ministry of ICT defined as the main point of ICT Offices Aug 2, 2010
How New Technology Is Rewiring Our Brains Aug 2, 2010
Dr. Taghipour: Governmental ICT offices have main role in e-government materialization Aug 1, 2010
Payam complex as a big step toward a big goal Aug 1, 2010
Security,Support e-government Aug 1, 2010