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Dr. Taghipour: Governmental ICT offices have main role in e-government materialization

Dr. Taghipour: Governmental ICT offices have main role in e-government materialization
Governmental ICT offices have a key role to materialize the defined axes for e-government as the contact points with people.
PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Reza Taghipour in the first National Conference of governmental ICT offices said:" Regarding to the schedules a big leap will be materialized by tenth cabinet to create e-government".
“So, there are six fundamental axes which has been defined that governmental ICT offices has a main role to develop the services by executing four of them”; he added.
He expressed that the electronic services development and providing 70 percent of government services to people in electronic form will be executed at the end of the fifth program and said: "Now, 70 services are provided electronically that 35 services are electronic completely and the others are in the procedure of information or interaction".
Minister of ICT expressed that e-health and welfare development, e- banking and e- commerce development as well as Iranian – Islamic culture expansion in the virtual space are the other defined axes that ICT offices as the contact points have a main role in their materialization.
He pointed that ICT is not a part and said: "Information technology is a layer that is expanded in all sectors and governmental ICT offices can be active in all areas".
"Problems such as transportation must be solved by providing electronic services so due to it financial and environmental costs will be reduced dramatically" , he emphasized.
Dr. Reza Taghipour pointed to the practical implementation of e- government in the world since 1992 and said: "Our country is now about 18 years away from an executive clear point so it generally means that there is no opportunity to lose".
He emphasized: "The efforts began to create ICT offices in Iran after creating the requirements for different countries in WSIS summit in 2003".
"On this basis and with the made efforts, now more than nine thousand and 900 rural ICT offices along with more than five thousand and 800 urban ICT offices are responsible to provide deferent electronic services to the people" , Minister of ICT continued.
He said that the defined goals for creating the governmental ICT offices include:" Improving the government performance in order to make clear the services, benefiting from good public services, greater participation in making decisions and taking advantage of communication and educational facilities by villagers" .
According to the report, this conference was held by presence of Lotfollah Forouzandeh, vice deputy in management and human resources development, Mohammad Royanian, Chief of management of fuel transportation staff, Mohammad Karampour, Head of CRA and Ali Motahari Head of the parliament Telecommunications Committee.
Also, it has been appreciated of Dr. Taghipour by the governmental ICT offices activists in this conference by offering an appreciation table.
According to this report, an exhibition was held by presence of activist in this area that CRA and Iran Pos bank had an active presence.

Aug 1, 2010 16:07


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