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April, 2011 News

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Sony chairman credited with developing CDs dies Apr 26, 2011
Head of Education and Research Work Group of ICT Festival announced: TOPs of education and research areas have been selected Apr 23, 2011
World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, 17 May 2011 Apr 23, 2011
Theme WTISD 2011: Better life in rural communities with ICTs Apr 23, 2011
Head of the Financial Services Work Group announced: TOP e-banking providers has been introduced to the secretariat of ICT festival Apr 20, 2011
New joint standards initiative on intelligent transport systems Leading organizations pool resources to address bottlenecks Apr 20, 2011
Yahoo plans to keep search records for 18 months Apr 20, 2011
Robots to gauge radiation in Japan's quake-hit plant Apr 20, 2011
Head of ICT Security Work Group: Everybody who works in ICT domain has welcomed ICT festival Apr 20, 2011
Iran: Computer worm could have caused huge damage Apr 17, 2011
Minister of ICT: The main strategy for ICT development is based on the secure e-services development Apr 16, 2011
ITU, SPC pledge closer cooperation to spur Pacific region development Ministerial Forum calls for ITU to establish a Pacific regional presence Apr 16, 2011
App Challenge targets climate change Cash prize for most innovative concept Apr 13, 2011
CEO of Payam Cultural and Sport Institution announced: the projects of the year 1389 has been achieved Apr 13, 2011
Joint Commission of Iran and Indonesia will be held Apr 12, 2011
CEO of Payam Cultural and Sport Institution announced: bicycle station has been launched on the campus of the Ministry of ICT Apr 11, 2011
CEO of Post bank Public Sector announces: Development of international relations will be reviewed in banking area Apr 10, 2011
Minister of ICT: Postal services development has been prepared Apr 9, 2011
ITU’s emergency telecommunications efforts make headway Australia, Canada and China extend financial support Apr 9, 2011
ITU launches global digital literacy campaign for women Partnership with will extend access to basic ICT training to more than one million disadvantaged women worldwide Apr 9, 2011
ITU applauds establishment of global ICT ‘Girls Day’ Initiative aims to encourage more girls into the ICT field Apr 9, 2011
Deputy of Monitoring and Implementing the Regulations in CRA announced: four and a half billion SMS have been sent during 15 days Apr 6, 2011
Satellite communications to bolster emergency response ITU, Intelsat and ITSO agree to collaborate Apr 6, 2011
Effective ICT regulation is critical to economic growth New ITU report positive on global regulatory trends in an ever-more connected world Apr 6, 2011
Minister of ICT: ICT can be considered as one of the main axes of economic jihad Apr 6, 2011