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Minister of ICT: Postal services development has been prepared

Minister of ICT: Postal services development has been prepared
This year has been named "economic jihad" by the supreme leader and it is a very good opportunity to develop postal services.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Reza Taghipour in a meeting with Post company's managers said: "offering the services should be increased a few times by a jihad strategy".
"It's a very good chance to develop postal services in the country", he added.
Dr. Taghipour pointed to ICT development and diversity of services that are provided in this area and said: "The share of post has been reduced in some sections but postal services has a special place in the country and the world so new services should be defined and prepared to the applicants by using new technologies in order to compete in this arena".
He pointed that the antiquity of Postal Service had referred to human social life and his need to communication and continued: "Postal share in national GDP is considered as an important strategy to achieve the national resources".
He said that Postal share should be increased in all areas in comparison to the past time and emphasized:" Although the shape of services has been changed but it's nature has still remained the same".
Minister of ICT pointed to the supply chain of goods and services and said: "All components of this chain, from information to getting the services and products, has existed in the ministry of ICT, so it has been considered a complete set for providing services and goods".
He referred to post company as one of the active sectors for achieving the four government slogans and added: "some activities in this field include: providing postal services in rural and urban ICT offices".
Dr. Reza Taghipour said: "A commission has been formed in the Ministry of ICT attended by senior managers and experts of Post Company in order to achieve the defined goals".

Apr 9, 2011 13:22


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