Head of ICT Security Work Group: Everybody who works in ICT domain has welcomed ICT festival

Head of ICT Security Work Group: Everybody who works in ICT domain has welcomed ICT festival
The first national ICT festival has received warm welcome of everybody who works in ICT and security of IT exchange space.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Ali Hakim Javadi, Head of ICT Security Work Group said:" Accordingly, all applicants have provided the documents up to the last time determined and based on the statistics, 86 companies have delivered their documents to the secretariat of the work group".
"Top companies in "IT sector" and "security" will be determined and sent to the central secretariat of National Festival of ICT considering the tasks set for this Committee", he added.
He pointed that companies in IT domain will be evaluated in three groups including: "software", "hardware" and "consulting and data processing services".
Ali Hakim Javadi said: "Top individuals in ICT security area will be appreciated in the festival and for the first time".
"Also an exhibition of ICT and security activities will be held beside the festival in three areas including " Public agencies and authority companied "," Top companies of IT "and" Top companies of security ", he continued.
Head of ICT Security Work Group and national Festival about the latest situation of evaluation said: "evaluation to select the best companies is becoming final by considering the warm welcome received from the companies".
"Evaluation was based on two general and specialized questionnaires and the general one was equal for all participant companies", he emphasized.
He added that the specialized questionnaire also set based on three indicators which include "general ability", "professional capacity" and "customers".
Ali Hakim Javadi pointed that each of the indexes consists of seven subsets and added:" the final results will be determined in the current week and announced to the central secretariat of ICT festival later".
"The measures intended to define the evaluation indicators are including: justice, integrity, comprehensive presence, participatory and interactive look at private sector, innovation, providing services to the people and customers and being the companies' achievement based on the needs", he emphasized.

Apr 20, 2011 08:13


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