Minister of ICT: The main strategy for ICT development is based on the secure e-services development

Providing the secure e-services to the people is one of the main strategies identified for achieving the defined goals for ICT development in the country.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Reza Taghipour in the strategic meeting of senior managers of the Ministry and affiliated companies said:" making swift the justice-oriented government by developing the secure electronic services has been defined as the main goal to develop ICT in the country".
"Therefore, the main strategies and supporting policies and strategies of development principles have been defined to achieve this goal", he added.
He pointed that development of national IT management structures is another major strategy defined in this area.
Dr. Reza Taghipour emphasized: "supporting strategies defined in this field are including: development of ICT industry with a proper approach to gain regional and world market share and developing IT professional training and culture".
He said that ICT is a precondition for national multilateral development and continued: "ICT can be the main axes of economic- jihad and all relative companies of the ministry should be prepared to respond to the needs".
Minister of ICT pointed to the name of tenth government as the first e-government and continued: "This is considered as a target for ICT development by all authorities in public and private sectors".
He pointed to the world statistics of ICT effectiveness in different sectors of management and said: "According to the current statistics, ICT has affected about 85 percent on reducing the time and 51 percent on increasing the manager's control and monitoring capacity".
Dr. Reza Taghipour pointed to ICT role intended for achieving the goals of "the view of 1404" and said: "a golden opportunity for economic development has been provided through ICT by considering the country's resources and facilities in this area such as taking advantage of the rich human resources".
He said that ICT has been used in all areas now and continued: beginning the fifth development program and naming this year as the year of "economic-jihad" by the supreme leader is considered as an opportunity to promote ICT role and share in national economy".

Apr 16, 2011 14:03


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