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September, 2010 News

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ITU Plenipotentiary Conference will shape future of global ICT industry Accredit Now Sep 29, 2010
Minister of ICT announced: ICT role in soft war scenes is very important Sep 29, 2010
Minister of ICT: IT is a motive engine for advanced economies Sep 28, 2010
BlackBerry unveils 'PlayBook' tablet computer Sep 28, 2010
Iran says Bushehr nuclear plant not damaged by Stuxnet Sep 28, 2010
Minister of ICT: ICTS is the cyber battlefield Sep 27, 2010
Windows Phone 7 Launches October 21 [RUMOR] Sep 27, 2010
Vice minister of Management Development and Logistics announced: Accounting integration of constructive and current projects Sep 26, 2010
Minister of ICT: ICT area has high capacity for employing specialists Sep 25, 2010
Cyber attack appears to target Iran: tech firms Sep 25, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour: Measures of ICTS Management Work Group should be accelerated Sep 22, 2010
Google adds extra security step to e-mail, apps Sep 22, 2010
World leaders agree: The future will be Built on Broadband As high-speed networks transform our world, ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Touré calls for a ‘broadband boom’ and urges all governments to move broadband to the top of their agendas Sep 22, 2010
Hackers gather in Budapest Sep 22, 2010
CEO of Post Co.: Minimum communication services of Post Co. has been cleared Sep 18, 2010
Minister of ICT: Iran can be a security pole for the region in cyber-space Sep 18, 2010
VCE Coalition Signs up First Asian Operator Sep 15, 2010
LG Elec unveils new smartphone, eyes 10 million unit sale Sep 15, 2010
Nokia unveils three new smartphones Sep 14, 2010
Deputy of Technical Reviews and licenses Issuance in CRA: Service's Codes will be organized Sep 14, 2010
Mobile phone users enlist YouMail "digital secretary" Sep 13, 2010
CEO of ITC announced: Creating the Homogeneous Response Teams for the event in the current year Sep 13, 2010
CEO of Payam Aviation Co. Announced: Constructing two campuses in Payam Sep 13, 2010
Global leaders to outline broadband vision to UN Secretary-General Sep 12, 2010
Head of the Industries and Mines Commission in the Parliament announced: ICT area's leap in the fifth development plan Sep 8, 2010
1782 percent of growth in bandwidth during five years Sep 8, 2010
ITU shares latest optical fibre know-how with Africa Sep 8, 2010
Deputy of Supervision in CRA: The operators should consider the network's quality more than the past Sep 7, 2010
CEO of Post Co.: Everybody will take advantage of the competitive Postal services Sep 5, 2010
Intel buys wireless chip tech in mobile-phone push Sep 4, 2010
Google tool tries to cut through e-mail clutter Sep 4, 2010
Canada's small Internet providers get higher speed Sep 4, 2010