Minister of ICT: Iran can be a security pole for the region in cyber-space

According to the defined strategies Iran can be a security pole in cyber-space and exchange the information based on 1404 outlook.
PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Reza Taghipour in the opening ceremony of the seventh conference of Iran password said:" Achieving this ideal, being the security pole in cyber-space, requires a strategy and of course this strategy is not improvised and needs a systematic approach".
"Most of our educated have good records in security sector and we have outstanding masters in this area so this prepare to be sure about impenetrability of IT infrastructures", he continued.
He continued: "This assurance is the result of risks that our country experienced in cyber-space safety so Iran has owned the sixth place in the world for cyber security in spite of giving ranks".
Minister of ICT pointed that it should be adopted a systematic policy in security subject so it will be stable by considering the different rings.
"These threats will be continued but we can be succeed in by learning the knowledge", he added.
Minister of ICT referred to releasing about 100 articles in security field each year and said:" this number should be increased to 900 articles in 1404".
"It has been expected to increase the international conferences in this field as well as issuing our scientific articles in the reputable international journals", Taghipour added.
He emphasized that some important cases for security of cyber- space include: providing a secure environment to protect the values and norms as well as the information sources.
He expressed concern about some amoral internet threats for families and said:" this matter has been neglected by the world despite the risks that amoral internet brings for family's security so Iran will discuss about this challenge with the scientists in this field in the summit of authorities that will be held in Mexico".
According to the report, Minister of ICT condemned insulting the Quran in another part of his speech and said:" Unfortunately we are observing the values of 1.5 billion of people in the world are violated so awful by the West unlike the slogans based on freedom of religions and beliefs and this trust that Quran is a holy book".
Sep 18, 2010 11:45


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