Deputy of Supervision in CRA: The operators should consider the network's quality more than the past

Deputy of Supervision in CRA: The operators should consider the network's quality more than the past
The quality of mobile network is controlled continuously by the staff and members of CRA who are presented in different regions.
PR of the Ministry of ICT - Hassan Rezvani, deputy of supervision and implementing the regulations in CRA said:" Operators of mobile network has had a proper performance in the field of quantitative development of this type of phone according to the statistics and documents".
"This event causes to pay attention to the network's quality more than before in order to develop it continuously", he added.
He pointed that if the operator's standards have been considered alike, the network's quality level of the operators are alike too in somewhere that have been covered but it doesn't have the ideal standard.
Hassan Rezvani pointed to some problems of the operators in this area especially in metropolises and asserted:" Some issues affect on the network's quality of mobile's operators such as installation and launching the new stations and some frequency interference".
He expressed that this issue is following up by CRA and continued:" The required correspondence and cooperation is doing in order to realize the operator's needs by Ertebat-e Shahr Co. in Tehran, that its responsibility is to create these sites, and in the other major cities by the affiliated CRA regions".
Deputy of Supervision in CRA said that Iran cell's population and road coverage has been defined based on the available numbers and emphasized: "Actually, the commitments of population and road coverage should be also expanded in order to increase the transfer number after CRA commission's confirmation".
Hassan Rezvani said the first operator's obligations include: 85 percent of population coverage in the total years of license validity , total coverage of all main roads, total coverage of the roads between the governors, total coverage of rail roads during the years of the license validity so it's obligations has been performed technically.
He about the population coverage obligations by the operators said:" According to available information 92 percent and 76 percent of the population has been covered by the first and second operators respectively so both of the operators get ahead of the expected program".

Sep 7, 2010 10:45


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