1782 percent of growth in bandwidth during five years

The national internet bandwidth has been reached to 21.3 GB/S with 1782 percent of growth symmetrically during the past five years and by ICT family's effort.
PR of the Ministry of ICT - It has been achieved to one thousand and 27 percent of growth in the field of mobile establishment since 1384 (solar year) till now and increased from 5 million to more than 52 million numbers.
Also postal packages have been achieved to 663 percent of growth and increased from 540 million to 4 thousand and 123 million numbers during this period.
The other achievements in ICT area during the past 5 years include: 603 percent of growth in equipping and operating urban ICT offices as well as 319 percent of sub network of fiber optic in the country.
According to the report, penetration rate of Internet users has been increased from 10 to 34.9 percent during this period so it has been achieved to 249 percent of growth.
The numbers of urban ICT offices which provide postal services have been increased from 894 to three thousand and 66 offices with 242 percent of growth.
Another achievement that has been realized throughout the years of activities of the ninth and tenth cabinet in the field of ICT is transference of 613 thousand high-speed lines and the realization of 54.6 percent of data traffic in the country toward in the abroad.
Growing about 90 percent of main roads covered by mobile phone and 80 percent in establishing urban public telephone number are the other accomplishments that have been achieved by the experts in ICT area.
Also, transferring mobile phone is become up- to-day during the past five years and in order to eliminate the black market so the average time to receive mobile line has been reduced from 450 days to zero.
Sep 8, 2010 10:47


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