Minister of ICT: ICTS is the cyber battlefield

Minister of ICT: ICTS is the cyber battlefield
Information transfer takes place via communication networks in soft war and thus ICT has been targeted in this war.
PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Taghipour in the first general congress for keeping the sacred defense works and Values in the field of telecommunications and electronic said: "This section role is very important and valuable to identify the treats that targeted the whole country".
"Many attacks have been occurred on communications systems to disorder them during the last year events but that was almost completely neutralized by the expert's efforts", he added.
He said that the required infrastructures have been prepared for this matter and added we should provide a proper space for the martyr's children and activists in this area by needed training that they can present in the virtual space in order to publish the sacred defense works and values by creating a social network.
"We can publish the sacred defense' values in the world by using the virtual space and provided infrastructures", Dr. Reza Taghipour continued.
He asserted: "the country's infrastructure will be equipped and ready more than before in order to develop this culture with scheduled during next three years through that the positive contents adapted from Islam will be extended.
Minister of ICT emphasized that integrated data collecting in human resource management systems and processing and exchanging them will lead to make the knowledge that organizations can benefit the results.
"It has not been attended to data transfer and the knowledge management in the field of sacred defense sufficiently so these meetings can provide the needed space for this matter", he pointed.
He asserted: "All information in all sacred defense areas such as data, image and audio should be transferred and processed in the field of ICT in order to change to knowledge for transferring to the future generations".

Sep 27, 2010 15:43


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