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July, 2010 News

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Dr. Taghipour: Governmental ICT offices have main role in e-government materialization Aug 1, 2010
Payam complex as a big step toward a big goal Aug 1, 2010
Security,Support e-government Aug 1, 2010
ITU Interop event highlights IPTV interoperability Jul 31, 2010
Iraqis flock to Kurdistan to beat the summer heat Jul 31, 2010
LG Electronics' 2Q net profit falls 33 percent Jul 31, 2010
Panasonic introduces 3-D camcorder for consumers Jul 31, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour: Waiting Strategies, the Most Important Strategies of the History Jul 31, 2010
Transit of Goods in Payam Special Economic Zone Opened Jul 28, 2010
CEO of Post co. of Iran announced: Establishing Governmental Post Organization at 1half of 1389 Jul 24, 2010
Iran Was Prime Target of SCADA Worm Jul 24, 2010
Ten Reasons to Dump Windows and Use Linux Jul 24, 2010
Telecom group sues San Francisco over mobile phone law Jul 24, 2010
Tablets may allow 're-set' for media: News Corp. Jul 24, 2010
India unveils prototype of $35 tablet computer Jul 24, 2010
Windows Phone 7 takes clean approach to touch UI Jul 20, 2010
IBM lifts 2010 forecast but economic worries loom Jul 20, 2010
Market changes, investors drive Motorola's breakup Jul 20, 2010
At the presence of Vice-minister of ICT: The First Optic Telecommunication Instruments Laboratory was inaugurated Jul 20, 2010
Microsoft Issues Warning of .LNK Flaw Jul 20, 2010
VeriSign 'Trusted' Service Now Scans Sites for Malware Jul 20, 2010
Notebooks 'able to hold off iPads in Asia-Pacific' Jul 20, 2010
Nokia Siemens to buy Motorola wireless gear unit Jul 20, 2010
Samsung dismisses Apple's claims on smartphones Jul 20, 2010
CEO of ITC announced: Reforming Public Site Hosting into the country Jul 20, 2010
Minister of ICT announced: 12 million daily transactions in Post Bank Jul 19, 2010
Apple goes low-tech to solve iPhone woes Jul 19, 2010
Motorola nears unit sale to Nokia Siemens: source Jul 19, 2010
LG aims to up 3D notebook shipments by 30 percent Jul 19, 2010
Samsung says no significant smartphone signal complaints Jul 19, 2010
New Virus Targets Industrial Secrets Jul 19, 2010
iPad and other gadgets drain Asia of electronic components Jul 19, 2010
GM breaks ground on China hi-tech car lab Jul 19, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour announced: 470 Gb Bandwidth till 22nd of October Jul 19, 2010
Apple CEO on antenna problem: 'We aren't perfect' Jul 18, 2010
Head of ISA announced: Implementing Joint Study Projects with different countries Jul 18, 2010
Report: Apple, Google, and RIM all considered buying Palm Jul 17, 2010
Google expansion helps economy, hurts stock price Jul 17, 2010
Half of social networkers worried about privacy: poll Jul 17, 2010
Facebook, Google to Battle Over Smarter Web Jul 17, 2010
Google buys Metaweb to `improve search' Jul 17, 2010
Europe overtakes Asia to become top producer of email spam Jul 17, 2010
CEO of Post Co. announced: 20 percent growth of e-commerce in the current year Jul 14, 2010
Canon launches the Vixia HF M32 Jul 14, 2010
Windows XP downgrade rights extended to 2020 Jul 14, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour: The first step toward e-government materialization is to evaluate national IT situation Jul 14, 2010
Freer budgets help Intel's best-in-a-decade profit Jul 14, 2010
Ambitious timetable for electronic medical records Jul 14, 2010
CEO of ITC: IT Indicator Performance Evaluation to Achieve the Planning Goals Jul 13, 2010
Asians are most prolific online shoppers: research Jul 13, 2010
China eases control on web forums Jul 13, 2010
Fujitsu, Microsoft in cloud computing tie up Jul 13, 2010
Consumer Reports 'can't recommend' new iPhone Jul 13, 2010
China confirms it renewed Google operating license Jul 13, 2010
World leaders define vision for globally connected society Jul 13, 2010
The main and basic movements of the forth plan have been operated Jul 7, 2010
Sony to introduce new PlayStation3 with bigger memory Jul 7, 2010
Solar plane sets out on historic flight Jul 7, 2010
Launch delayed for satellite to watch space debris Jul 7, 2010
Microsoft plans small job cuts: report Jul 7, 2010
Atlanta Has Dubious Honor of Highest Malware Infection Rate Jul 7, 2010
Ethernet to replace HDMI as standard TV cable? Jul 7, 2010
Mozilla Launches Firefox 4 Beta Jul 7, 2010
Head of CRA: People’s Satisfaction is the most important principle in ICT Jul 7, 2010
Lenovo says Apple losing out in China: report Jul 5, 2010
US largely ruling out NKorea in 2009 cyberattacks Jul 5, 2010
Newspapers look for ways to profit in Internet age Jul 5, 2010
Iran unveils human-like robot: report Jul 5, 2010
CEO of Post Co. announced: 1 million and 200 thousand packages of targeted subsidiary plan services were distributed Jul 4, 2010
ITU leads effort for reconstruction of Haiti’s telecommunications and ICT infrastructure Secretary General calls for broadband access for all inhabitants Jul 4, 2010
Deputy of Monitoring and Exercising Regulations of CRA announced: New Statute of ICT Offices Was Codified Jul 4, 2010
Subscriber's deposits for mobile and fixed phone will remain in TCI Jul 3, 2010
Google to buy travel software co ITA for $700 million Jul 3, 2010
Undersea cable set to boost West Africa broadband Jul 3, 2010
Unix Active Directory Software Faster Jul 3, 2010
Security glitch exposes WellPoint data again Jul 3, 2010
Cisco unveils tablet computer for business users Jul 3, 2010
Windows 8 in the works, details leaked Jul 3, 2010