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Dr. Reza Taghipour announced: 470 Gb Bandwidth till 22nd of October

Dr. Reza Taghipour announced: 470 Gb Bandwidth till 22nd of October
We are trying to exploit the first phase of Core and Super Core Network till 22nd of October to develop national bandwidth.
PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Reza Taghipour in a clear and friendly meeting in Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines said: “National band width will reach to 470 Gb by exploiting the first phase of this project”.
“These efforts are implementing to make proper situation to offer e-services to the applicants especially the active players of industry and e-commerce”, he added.
He pointed that the investments in this area would not be utilized under optimal condition if there is no ask by users.
Minister of ICT referred to the launched 130 thousand km fiber optic in the country and said: “We hope to execute the goals of fifth development plan in this field considering to the implemented backbones and the implementing programs”.
He continued that according to fifth development plan all the inter-organization services should be offered electronically till the end of next five year and 500 services also have been identified which can be offered by the organizations electronically to the people so 350 of them have to be offered electronically during this period.
Dr. Reza Taghipour pointed to the implemented investments in this field during past five years and restated: “During that period the sum of $5 billion have been invested in different sectors such as infrastructure, the first and second operator”.
He explained about in action steps to solve the access problems and emphasized that national access network has been reviewed and its final plan has been ready to solve the access problem. Therefore it’s predicted to assign a macro capacity about 10Mbps for e-commerce and industry usages.
Minister of ICT pointed: “The active players in private sector especially in commerce and industry should declare their needs base on their in action projects to CRA and ITC for doing the required cooperation to solve the problems”. 
He added: “We also ask the private sector and the main players of this field to help us to codify the strategies of IT and Telecommunication Industry and reflect us the probable obstacles”.
Dr. Reza Taghipour referred to the organization of CRA in the complex of ministry of ICT and said: “Ministry of ICT is the only ministry which has prepared a proper space and situation for hearing users’ and ISPs’ ideas and problems”.
He also referred to IT Management Work Group in the Cabinet and explained that during the last five months this work group has organized at least 4 meetings and approved six main activity areas during fifth development plan.
As he said in new space ITC was organized to follow authority affairs in this area.
He talked about the creative human forces in this field and said: “IT area has a high capacity in export and base on the predicted goals in fifth development plan we hope to export and assign 1.5 percent of non-oil exports to this field till the end of next five years”.
According to this report in this meeting Dr. Karampour, Head of CRA, said: “The private actives should consider to the regulatory as their own”.
He explained about the implemented efforts in the field of regulating and controlling and said: “Each week the problems of one of the operators have been investigated and programmed to remove them at the presence of the related operators”.
He restated that the writers and journalists are better to create a new literature in this area and work with its regulations.
This report mentioned that in this friendly and clarified meeting members of Informatics Trade Organization, Syndicate of Telecommunication and ICT  and industry private players were present and minister of ICT answered to many questioned posed in different areas by them.

Jul 19, 2010 15:02


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