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Minister of ICT announced: 12 million daily transactions in Post Bank

Minister of ICT announced: 12 million daily transactions in Post Bank
E-Banking Network of Post Bank of Iran averages 12 million transactions daily.
PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Reza Taghipour in side of opening ceremony of Mobile Banking System of Post Bank said: “These services cause reduction of the extra traffic in the cities and especially in the villages remarkably”.
As he called the goal of implementing these projects is reduction of face to face presence and added: “By offering e-services exploitation will be increased in different sectors and a remarkable economizing will be materialized in different areas such as power and time”.
Minister of ICT explained about the proper constructed capacities in offering services to the applicants and said: “To develop the domain of the offerable services there should be increase the capacities and it is considered in the next years’ programs of Post Bank”.
He pointed that Post Bank is the only bank that offers the required services to the villagers with a spread network.
Dr. Reza Taghipour referred to the establishment of about 10 thousand rural ICT offices and said: “A part of daily transactions in e-banking in Post Bank Complex is materialized in the villages, in bulk”.
According to this report, Customer Contact Center System, Tele-bank and Mobile Banking are the projects which exploited today at the presence of Minister of ICT and some of managers.
Telephone Bank System with no. 09604 is one of these services. It is free of charge and the customers can call it without area code in all over the country to pay their bills.
GPRS and SMS base Mobile Banking is the other service in e-banking area. All the customers of all banks can refer to https://mobile.postbank.ir for paying their bills and buying the first operator charge.

Jul 19, 2010 16:05


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