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May, 2011 News

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Sony to restore most PlayStation services this week May 31, 2011
Head of CRA announced: Judicial authorities will rely on the reports from the organization's supervisors May 31, 2011
Intel unveils laptops that include tablet features May 31, 2011
Attended by Minister of ICT; the First ceremony in honor of ICT martyrs was held May 31, 2011
Dr. Taghipour: threats can be changed to the opportunities by management and organizing May 31, 2011
Head of CRA announced: Five licenses will be issued in 1390 for new operators May 29, 2011
Minister of ICT: Quality and variety of e- services should be increased May 29, 2011
Head of IT organization: 50 percent of services will be provided electronically to the people of Bushehr until the end of 1392 May 29, 2011
Minister of ICT announced: Bushehr province may be the first e-province May 28, 2011
Sony starts to restore PlayStation service in Asia May 28, 2011
E-government projects will be implemented in Bushehr with the presence of Minister of ICT May 28, 2011
Head of e-government working group: ICT Festival was an opportunity to compare at the national level May 24, 2011
Sony lost $171 million due to PlayStation Network downtime May 24, 2011
Member of the board of Post Bank public Co.: banking offices have an important role to remove the currency zero May 24, 2011
Head of CRA: regulatory is the nation's electronic border guard May 24, 2011
The third operator's SIM cards will be given May 22, 2011
Minister of ICT: Electronic Public Relations is needed to create e-government May 22, 2011
Vice-Chairman of IT organizations announced: the pioneering projects have been defined for IT development May 22, 2011
Sony website and customer accounts hit with new wave of attacks May 22, 2011
Sony boss: cannot guarantee security after hacking May 22, 2011
Minister of ICT announced: 97 percent of villages has communicated May 22, 2011
Is technology the key to accelerating development? Wireless and broadband are offering new hope to some LDCs May 22, 2011