Dr. Taghipour: threats can be changed to the opportunities by management and organizing

Dr. Taghipour: threats can be changed to the opportunities by management and organizing
Enemies' strategies have been changed today, so we should change the tactics while the strategies are stable.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Taghipour in the meeting of "the third commission of ICT Basij role in the year of economic jihad" said:" you have a chance to change threats to the opportunities as "ICT Engineers Basij" by selecting appropriate strategies and good targeting ".
Dr. Taghipour pointed to the abilities and knowledge of Iranian youth in ICT domain and continued:" we can use the knowledge of Iranian youth and new technologies to deal with the cultural invasion".
He emphasized on ICT management and said that you should implement the huge proposals by using the abilities of ICT engineers Basij.
Dr. Taghipour said that we can succeed in this area by using intellectual ability of people's organizations such as ICT Engineers Basij and continued: "ICT Basij power should be used to increase the productivity".
He pointed to the role of ICT Engineers Basij in the economic jihad and continued: "Despite economic recession, it can move to national interests with the highest thinking ability".
He pointed to the content importance and said: "ICT unlimited capacities, such as time and place, can be used for the content production by ICT Engineers Basij".
He pointed to the implementation of national data network in the fifth development plan and said:" We should create a network that provide security against the spam and cyber crimes as well as ensure the internet profits".
He pointed to "Clean Internet Idea" and said: "This is certainly a good step in ICT area that will be welcomed by the world and IR of Iran is a good and strong start for it".

May 31, 2011 09:34


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