Head of CRA: regulatory is the nation's electronic border guard

Head of CRA: regulatory is the nation's electronic border guard
Regulatory will prevent the foreign radiation entrance and unauthorized broadcasters.

PR of the Ministry of ICT - Dr. Mohammad Karampour, during the ceremony for signing the agreement between CRA and the University of Tehran said: "Regulators play an important role and are responsible for a great many things. Currently 170 countries are employing regulators.
He commented on the history of regulators in Iran and the world and added: "Presently in our nation, CRA is performing these duties."
He pointed out: "universities can aid in the advancement of the CRA in many activities such as economic, legal and social issues related to the regulatory domain".
Farhad Rahbar, head of the Tehran University stated during this event: "This can be achieved with these innovative tools and the help of our people".
" In relation between industry and the University, the needs of the university aren't met, but you have addressed this need adequately and I applaud this move", he added:
According to the report, agreements and cooperation were signed between the CRA and Tehran University to develop scientific, research and application cooperation, in accordance with regulatory obligations".
Therefore, scientific and research cooperation is anticipated in the form of doctoral and master's theses and demands and a joint investigation.
Another issues discussed in this agreement are including: supporting the knowledge foundation companies with Tehran University and regulatory coordination, commercial collaboration of research findings and scientific cooperation and research and application projects in technological issues.
According to the agreement, a joint working group will be formed from both sides of organizations and the university members to do responsibilities such as making policy; implementation and follow up the agreement's features and head of the science and technologies faculty will be responsible of the working group.

May 24, 2011 13:07


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