Minister of ICT announced: Bushehr province may be the first e-province

Minister of ICT announced: Bushehr province may be the first e-province
Bushehr could become the first e-province, considering the network infrastructure created at the provincial level and e-government projects inaugurated in the province.

PR of the ministry of ICT- Dr. Reza Taghipour at the opening ceremony of Bushehr public places connecting to the broadband access network, said:" Bushehr is the first province that benefited from the provincial data center, so it can provide data independence to the province".
"Data access network development could make big capabilities in Bushehr and create the possibility for moving towards e- province", he added.
He noted that introducing the capacities, capabilities and attractive of the province widely in the world would be the first opportunity provided by the network.
Dr. Taghipour pointed to the live connection with other cities in the province via video conference and continued: "These connections can be an example of the practical results since implementing such projects will provide the possibility of online meetings at any time and with the lowest costs".
He said that e-government services could be offered to the people through this platform features and continued:" now, 21 major services are providing electronically in the province".
"Bushehr authorities should makes maximum use of these facilities and identify and develop the services which can be provided electronically", Minister of ICT emphasized.
He said that the cost management is considered as a dimension of economic Jihad and continued: "we can avoid unnecessary costs and replace them into value-added by using new technologies".
"Using electronic devices is considered a necessity in modern societies and today, Bushehr is equipped with new management tools", he continued.
According to the report, Dr. Reza Taghipour participated in the exploitation ceremony of Bushehr telecom projects and by referring to the communication facilities provided in the country, said: "now, giving all fixed and mobile phone has been updated".
"Development of data communication and e-government infrastructure is considered as the priority in ICT domain", he added.
He pointed to 186 telecom projects which has been launched in Bushehr province and said: "Bushehr is considered as the country's top provinces from the viewpoint of telecommunications facilities and henceforth, the value added and content services should be provided".

May 28, 2011 13:24


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