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January, 2016 News

TitlePublish Date
Vaezi in Paris on the Onset of Rouhani’s Visit Jan 30, 2016
Iran, China Sign Deal on ICT Collaboration Jan 30, 2016
Chinese Industry Minister Emphasizes Competitive Environment for ICT Jan 30, 2016
Iran, China Talk ICT and Satellite Technology Jan 26, 2016
Indonesian Ambassador Visits ICT Ministry Jan 26, 2016
Vaezi Discusses Post-Sanctions Era with Russian Agriculture Minister Jan 26, 2016
Iran, Armenia Sign New Cooperation Deals on Post and E-Commerce Jan 23, 2016
Opening of Slovenian Embassy in Tehran Will Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation Jan 14, 2016
Slovenian Economic Development Minister Meets Vaezi Jan 13, 2016
Vaezi Talks Free Trade, Economic Cooperation with Eurasia Jan 9, 2016
First Deputy Prime Minister Confirms Russian Determination to Strengthen Economic Ties with Iran Jan 6, 2016
Iran, Russia Sign Major Economic Deals Jan 6, 2016
Cooperation Agreement to Support Iranian and Azeri Investors Jan 5, 2016
New Chapter in Tabriz, Republic of Azerbaijan Relations Jan 5, 2016
Azeri Economy Minister Highlights Developing Bilateral Relations Jan 5, 2016
Iran and Azerbaijan Sign Cooperation Agreement Jan 5, 2016
Iranian and Russian Ministers Talk Joint Production Line and Expanding Economic Relations Jan 3, 2016
Azeri Economy Minister Discusses North-South Corridor Jan 2, 2016
Facilitating Banking Relations Positively Impacts Iran-Azeri Cooperation Jan 2, 2016
10th Session of Iran-Azerbaijan’s Joint Economic Cooperation Commission Commences in Tehran Jan 2, 2016