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April, 2015 News

TitlePublish Date
Minister of ICT: Smart Post, Ensures Progressive Development of Postal Services in Iran May 1, 2015
Nationwide Seminar on Post Company’s Programs of 2015-2016 Mehri: Postal Traffic up by %12.5 Apr 29, 2015
Telecommunication: Development’s Driving Force and Substructure Apr 28, 2015
5G Mobile Networks Policymaking Conference held in ICT Research Institute Apr 28, 2015
Vaezi among Gilan Province’s ICT Community Top Intellect and Aptitude of Iranian Youth, Basis for Self-Sufficiency in Domestic Content and Software Development Apr 21, 2015
Dr. Vaezi: Domestic Research and Development in Space Technology Sector, Top Priority of “Government of Wisdom and hope” Apr 20, 2015
Dr. Bahrami: Utilizing All Capacities in University, Industry, and Government Apr 18, 2015
Parliament to Increase Support for Space Technologies Apr 18, 2015
Theme WTISD 2015: Drivers of innovation Apr 14, 2015
Dr. Vaezi: Achieving ICT Sector’s Development Objectives Possible through Private Sector Participation Apr 14, 2015
First News Conference of the New Iranian Year: Dr. Vaezi Announces Major Programs of ICT Ministry for 2015-2016 Apr 8, 2015
The Minister for Communications and Information Technologies: Erdogan Arrives Tuesday Apr 7, 2015
ICT Minister’s Congratulatory Message of Appreciation to Dr. Zarif and the Iranian Negotiators Team Apr 7, 2015
Joint Meeting of Iranian and Turkish Ministers to Coordinate Erdogan’s Visit to Tehran Apr 4, 2015
Turkish Republic’s Development Minister: “Turkey stands by Iran in Nuclear Issue” Apr 4, 2015