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August, 2011 News

TitlePublish Date
The CEO of I.R Post: Activity of more than 6000 thousand stores on E-shopping Aug 28, 2011
The minister of ICT Planning deputy plays a role of motive motor in the ministry Aug 24, 2011
Implementing 283 IT provincial projects with ICT Ministry’s support Aug 23, 2011
Supervision deputy on Communication Services in Rules’ Regulatory organization informed about Establishing Hadj Mobile Communication Investigation Committee Aug 20, 2011
Creating Bills E-payment System for Qom residents by support of ICT Ministry Aug 17, 2011
The CEO of I.R Post Co: E-payment of Public Vehicles excise duty (car tax) in Post offices Aug 15, 2011
Congratulation Reporter’s Day to all journalists Aug 13, 2011
The head of CRA: reforming the market of postal activities Aug 13, 2011
The ICT minister has asked mass media to inform about the ICT theoretical issues Aug 7, 2011
The head of specialized commission for FAVA workgroup ordered: Specialized committee specify the desirable circumstances Aug 6, 2011
The head of CRA: 54 requests to grant service codes Aug 6, 2011
Start of the executive phase for establishing ICT Head Offices in all Iran provinces; the head of the Center for Administrative Renovation and Evolution in ICT ministry announced Aug 3, 2011
The chairman of Infrastructure Communications Company announced: communication infrastructure capacity will increase 10 times, up to the end of the 5th Development Plan Aug 3, 2011
The last ICT ministry achievements in Kish international fairground Aug 1, 2011
The minister of Communication and Information Technology announced: Iran is strong-minded in Bandwidth developing Aug 1, 2011