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July, 2011 News

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The last ICT ministry achievements in Kish international fairground Aug 1, 2011
The minister of Communication and Information Technology announced: Iran is strong-minded in Bandwidth developing Aug 1, 2011
Knowledge based economies are based on ICT development; The minister of Communication and Information Technology announced: Jul 31, 2011
the head of Communications Regulatory Authority Organization announced: Iran proposals on frequency spectrum were accepted Jul 31, 2011
The chairman of I.R Iran Post Bank: instant issuance of Shetab cards in all branches of Post Bank up to end of current year Jul 31, 2011
The biggest exhibition of government achievements has opened in Kish Island, with attendance of ICT ministry Jul 31, 2011
The head of Center for Administrative Renovation and Evolution in ICT ministry: Amending ICT ministry’s structure in order to enforce governmental objectives Jul 26, 2011
The head of IT organization announced: Preparing Distant Working substructures by ICT ministry Jul 23, 2011
The minister of Communication and Information Technology announced: Iran is ready for transition to the new version of internet protocol Jul 16, 2011
The head of Information Technology organization: Transition to IPV6 is compulsory for presence in the future market Jul 12, 2011
The CEO of Information Technology Organization: codification of the guideline document for transition to IPV6 in Iran Jul 11, 2011
the head of Information Technology Organization: Founding the culture of ICT use must be initiated from school Jul 11, 2011
The CEO of Payam sport & cultural institute: Sport & Cultural Olympiads are held in current year Jul 9, 2011
Chairman of the Iran Post Co.: 20 percent increase in E-commerce Jul 9, 2011
Dr. Taghipour: Iran will gain the 35th place in e-government indicator by the end of the fifth development plan Jul 9, 2011
ICT minister: Cooperation with South Korea for developing national data network Jul 6, 2011
The head of Information Technology Organization announced: Codifying 29-folds strategy for ICT development in Iran Jul 6, 2011
Iran is ready to expand cooperation with South Korea Jul 4, 2011
The head of CRA: Data transferring path must be from east to west Jul 3, 2011
Chairman of the board and CEO of Iran Post Bank:giving exchange services in Post Bank will be eased Jul 2, 2011
Execution of United Service Obligatory project in 550 rural towns Jul 2, 2011