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December, 2010 News

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Secretary of National Festival of ICT: National Festival of ICT will be held in memory of Shahid Gandhi Dec 29, 2010
Minister of ICT: Ministry of ICT will support National SDI Dec 28, 2010
Minister of ICT: Post bank will remain as a public company till 1393 (solar year) Dec 27, 2010
Assistant of the Commission of Article 90 in the parliament announced: Ministry of ICT has achieved to Group "A" from viewpoint of people's satisfaction Dec 27, 2010
Minister's Advisor and General Director of PR in the Ministry of ICT announced: New management at Post Bank Dec 26, 2010
IBM Unveils Memory Technology Breakthough Dec 26, 2010
Founding board member of Afta cooperative announced: holding the second session of general meeting on first of January Dec 23, 2010
CEO of Post Co. announced: increasing the quality of postal services Dec 21, 2010
Presuppositions of e-government Dec 21, 2010
The fourth basic meeting of Asia Pacific Telecom Community has ended Dec 19, 2010
Google alerting searchers to hacked websites Dec 18, 2010
ITU Secretary-General to serve as co-Vice Chair of World Health Organisation Commission on women’s and children’s health Dec 18, 2010
Amazon websites outage was due to hardware failure Dec 13, 2010
Data bank project for commerce section has been approved in the third session of the professional commission of ICT work group Dec 13, 2010
Achieving the superior position in the exhibition of "promoting administrative system's health" Dec 12, 2010
Google, Microsoft Ad Networks Briefly Hit by With Malware Dec 11, 2010
ITU inaugurates new Internet Training Centre in Togo New centre expand horizons for thousands of young people across the region Dec 11, 2010
Head of Communications Engineering Center in CRA announced: granting the permission to 7 laboratories for telecommunication equipments Dec 8, 2010
Microsoft unveils new privacy feature for IE Dec 8, 2010
Google Offers a Peek at Its Chrome Laptop. Hint: It's an NC Dec 8, 2010
General Director of PR of the ministry of ICT: 231 communications projects will be exploited in the cabinet tour to Markazi province Dec 8, 2010
Amazon to Unveil New Kindle Web App Tomorrow Dec 8, 2010
New report highlights power of ICTs in tackling climate change ITU and GeSI confirm role in adaptation and mitigation Dec 8, 2010
ITU World Radiocommunication Seminar highlights future communication technologies Focus on international regulations for spectrum management and satellite orbits Dec 8, 2010
Deputy of Monitoring and Implementing the Regulations in CRA announced: Designing the local systems for monitoring communication services Dec 6, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour: Clean Internet is one of the main concerns in ICT area Dec 5, 2010
Internet addresses to be used up in January: expert Dec 5, 2010
Google buys Internet video security firm Widevine Dec 5, 2010
US cable: China leaders ordered hacking on Google Dec 5, 2010
Thirty-fourth meeting of APT management committee has been started Dec 5, 2010
Expert Educators from around the World Look to the Needs of a Broadband Future ITU’s first ICT•LEARN 2010 global forum opens in Busan Dec 5, 2010