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November, 2010 News

TitlePublish Date
CEO of MCI: Iran has about 103 million mobile subscribers Nov 30, 2010
Mahmoud Afzali has no position in Post bank Nov 29, 2010
Chairman of Payam Cultural, sport and welfare Institute: Payam club's capacities will be used for making more facilities Nov 23, 2010
CEO of Public Post bank company announced: internet banking development in all villages Nov 20, 2010
Dr. Reza Taghipour announced: The leap in ICT area by implementing the fifth development plan Nov 15, 2010
Regulators worldwide embrace principles of open networks, open access Global Symposium for Regulators Best Practice Guidelines propose enlightened ICT regulation to stimulate market growth Nov 14, 2010
Senegal’s President Wade opens ITU Global Symposium for Regulators in Dakar ITU urges delegates from countries worldwide to embrace regulation that will help the world repeat the ‘mobile miracle’ for broadband deployment Nov 14, 2010
Minister of ICT: providing banking services to the villages is Post bank mission Nov 14, 2010
10-year validity for the license of Post first operator Nov 14, 2010
Mozilla Firefox Celebrates 6 Years Nov 14, 2010
Minister of ICT: ICT business will be bloomed in the 90th decade Nov 14, 2010
CEO of ITC announced: Information Technology will be managed in the corporation form till informing the statute Nov 9, 2010
Mobile Network Controls, Pricing Still Taking Shape Nov 9, 2010
CTOs call for action to streamline global standardization landscape Nov 9, 2010
Broadband usage growing even as gaps persist Nov 8, 2010
CEO of TIC announced: The Nationwide Intelligent Network will be launched this month Nov 6, 2010
Head of the group dispatched to Mecca from the ministry of ICT announced: More than 2 million minutes of call has been done during 11 days Nov 6, 2010
Antivirus Protection Varies Widely Between Windows Versions Nov 6, 2010
ITU deploys satellite communications to prepare for hurricane in Haiti High-speed data capability to assist in applying telemedicine and overall humanitarian effort Nov 6, 2010
Road map to enhance environmental sustainability through use of ICTs ITU symposium on ICTs for environment and climate change concludes in Cairo Nov 6, 2010
ITU deploys 100 satellite terminals in flood-affected Pakistan Broadband telemedicine applications to assist victims in remote districts Nov 2, 2010
Deputy of Monitoring in CRA announced: on-line monitoring in about 65 percent of PAP companies Nov 2, 2010
ITU restores communication links in Indonesia disaster zones Satellite broadband terminals deployed following tsunami and volcanic eruption Nov 2, 2010
CEO of Post' First Operator: Planning for more profitability by Post Nov 2, 2010
Dr. Taghipour announced: Ministry of ICT as the First E-ministry Nov 1, 2010
"Ministry of ICT" was known as the top in the "Government week" Nov 1, 2010