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October, 2010 News

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Dr. Taghipour announced: Ministry of ICT as the First E-ministry Nov 1, 2010
"Ministry of ICT" was known as the top in the "Government week" Nov 1, 2010
Head of Cultural Council in Ministry of ICT announced: 80 percent of cultural programs has been achieved in the ministry of ICT Oct 31, 2010
Chairman of the board and CEO of Post bank: I don’t confirm the documents which have been provided in the stuck exchange Oct 30, 2010
Deputy of Management Development and Logistics: Post Bank shares will be provided in the stock exchange in 1393 (solar year). Oct 30, 2010
Minister of ICT: News about Post bank privatization is not true Oct 30, 2010
ITU Global Symposium for Regulators and Global Industry Leaders Forum ACCREDIT NOW Oct 27, 2010
New research aims at cutting electronics power use By Tarmo Virki, European Technology Correspondent Tarmo Virki, European Technology Correspondent Wed Oct 27, 2:06 am ET Oct 27, 2010
Member of the board in TIC: many different points were created to minimize the disruption in pilgrim's communications Oct 27, 2010
Google Now Accounts for 6.4% of Internet Traffic Oct 26, 2010
CEO of TIC announced: 20 STM1 will be added to the capacity of network until the end of this month Oct 25, 2010
Deputy of Technical Reviews and Licenses Issuance in CRA announced: Studies to create the virtual mobile operators Oct 25, 2010
ITU Plenipotentiary wraps up with broad agreement on core issues Delegates approve Financial and Strategic plans, reinforce Union’s mandate in development, standards-making and global management of radio frequency resources Oct 25, 2010
ITU paves way for next-generation 4G mobile technologies ITU-R IMT-Advanced 4G standards to usher new era of mobile broadband communications Oct 25, 2010
Microsoft touts games for Xbox 360 motion controller Oct 20, 2010
Windows Phone 7’s Success Depends on Its Apps Oct 20, 2010
Microsoft Issues Warning About Increased Java Attacks Oct 20, 2010
The first session of "Committee of rules and regulations for ICT work group" has been held Oct 20, 2010
CEO of TIC: Quality evaluation has been considered as an opportunity for TIC Oct 20, 2010
ITU estimates two billion people online by end 2010 Access to mobile networks available to over 90% of world population 143 countries offer 3G services Oct 20, 2010
CEO of Post Co. announced: 1000 of Post staffs will be transferred from Tehran Oct 19, 2010
Member of the board of Post Bank announced: one million and 300 thousand registration for targeted subsidies Oct 19, 2010
Clearwire and Sprint set big city high-speed launches Oct 18, 2010
Deputy of Monitoring of CRA announced: Developing a cooperation memorandum for monitoring and controlling IT market Oct 16, 2010
Google: Change Your Password Twice a Year to Keep Safe Oct 16, 2010
Minister of ICT: Communication has been established for peace and ethics development Oct 16, 2010
Beginning of the sixth regional conference on ICT Security in Syria Oct 16, 2010
ITU Global Symposium for Regulators and Global Industry Leaders Forum Unique platform for private and public sectors: Building tomorrow’s digital world Geneva, 15 October 2010 Oct 16, 2010
CEO of ITC announced: The 5-year strategic programs of the organization has been codified Oct 13, 2010
Minister of ICT announced: The initial definition process of Besharat satellite Oct 13, 2010
Minister of ICT: Post is an evolutionary loop for providing e-services Oct 13, 2010
Asia computer market has room for both tablets and laptops Oct 12, 2010
Google’s Car of the Future Oct 10, 2010
Microsoft pinning mobile hopes on new operating system Oct 10, 2010
CEO of TIC announced: Exploitation of 14 points of Core and super- core projects till the end of the current month Oct 10, 2010
CEO of Post Co.: Financial Post Service will be launched this week Oct 10, 2010
Computer security expert shoots down '10/10/10' fears Oct 9, 2010
ITU elects new Radiocommunication and Development Bureau chiefs Members also re-elect Standardization Director, Johnson Oct 9, 2010
ITU Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General Elected today by Plenipotentiary Conference ITU Members express overwhelming confidence in incumbents Touré and Zhao Oct 9, 2010
World Post Day message from the DG Oct 6, 2010
CEO of Post Co.: Postal first operator will be managed by a providing services structure Oct 6, 2010
Space Technology Deputy in ISA announced: The early studies has been conducted to send human into space Oct 6, 2010
Mexico’s President opens landmark ITU Plenipotentiary Conference Global event underlines importance of ICTs as tool for social and economic progress for all Oct 5, 2010
Spy chief says Iran able to fight computer worm Oct 5, 2010
CEO of ITC announced: Implementing e-government pattern project in Kerman till the end of 1391 (solar year) Oct 2, 2010
ITU Plenipotentiary Conference to be opened by Mexican President Oct 2, 2010
Qatar to host ITU Connect Arab States Summit in November 2011 Summit to attract ICT investment and boost development in the region Oct 2, 2010
Portugal supports ITU’s Connect a School, Connect a Community Initiative Portugal’s eSchool programme to provide laptops to schools in developing countries Oct 2, 2010