ICT Share will increase to 11% in Iran Gross Domestic Product

ICT Share will increase to 11% in Iran Gross Domestic Product up to the next 4 years as the result of activities and efforts made in this zone.


ICT’s Public Relations and information Center reported – Dr. Mohammad Hassan Nami, with telling this news, stated that: now, the share of Communication zone in Gross Domestic Production (GPD) is 8.4% which increases to 11% in the next 4 years according to our plans. He believes that ICT is a way toward developing stable economy and said: nowadays, Communication and Information Technology impact two fields of Economics and Culture, because is considered as a motor which 85% provokes other industries.

ICT Minister also pointed the share of ICT in the world economy and informed: this share was $2.3 Trillion which presumed that it will pass $5.3 trillion; according to the statistics, ICT is nearing the rate of exchanges in Oil and Gas market around the world.

Today some of the countries have created several famous websites such as Google Earth and Wikipedia in order to spread western life style and planning for future through using the information presented by the people, he said. He pointed to ICT Ministry’s innovation for creating a website by which, we can introduce our Islamic Government, Islamic Parliament, Islamic Court, Hoze Elmiye, Universities and Islamic Virtual School to all people around the world. Also establishing Digital Economy Organization and Modern Technologies Organization are 2 of other plans.

The Minister of Communication and Information Technology referred to Iran achievements in World Summit of Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva and stated: Iran has presented 3 proposals to this summit which have been welcomed by the member countries; one of them was Green Internet, because With considering the effects of internet in human being life and specially its positive ones, it is necessary to omit internet’s immoral aspects; Obligating all ICT active large companies which earn money from ICT to pay tax and questioning the reason of managing internet by USA were our other proposals in the summit.

We hope that with pursuing these proposals, witnessing new developments in ICT zone around the world.


May 27, 2013 15:14


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