ITU Memer Countries welcomed Iran proposals in WSIS

All 3 Iran proposals which have put forward in the World Summit of Information Society (WSIS) which was held in International Telecommunication Union base, welcomed by the member countries.


ICT’s Public Relations and information Center reported – Dr. Mohammad Hasan Nami with saying this important news in this week Congregational Praying (Namaz e Jom’e), stated that: the first proposal was Developing Green Internet around the world which welcomed by so many countries. He mentioned that active big companies which work in ICT zone inside different countries like Iran have so much earning. These companies must pay taxes to the target countries like the other ones. This was another Iran’s proposal. He with pointing the third proposal which has put forward by Iran in the summit, asserted that: the 3rd proposal which was conducting Internet by USA and the need for its reforming is our other proposal which we are hoping that is a commencement of new action in this section. The Minister of Communication and Information Technology pointed that in the past communication was only voice transferring, but nowadays this issue has an influence on different political, social, economical and even on martial sections and is considered as the leader of all industries. ICT has direct and indirect influence on 85% of industries. Based on the report of Efficiency Organization, ICT development has resulted 36% efficiency increase in other industries, Nami Continued. He mentioned that we have scientific talents and potential, because more than 84% from the total 151 students which have been superiors in the entrance exams have chosen Electronics and Computer at their university fields. So, we have signed contracts with the universities for establishing ICT Research Institutes in them. The minister of ICT stated that: Virtual World is approaching Real World in high speed and if a person can increase his or her dominancy in international communication, he or she could impose his or her own power to the others. In this gathering, he also gave the last statue of Iran National Information Network and said: according the 46th article of the 5th Development Plan, all networks of Electronic Banking, Electronic Trading, Health, Taxes, Properties and Documents, Legal and Judiciary Organization, Oil, Electronic Government and National Smart Card must liked to this network. Now more than 170 points have been connected to this network; also data transferring inside Iranian provinces are getting possible after operating local datacenters. Nami mentioned that by having electronic government, we will have people dominancy instead of government dominancy, so we try our best to pursue lunching of National Information Network. Another issue which he has expressed was the number of active SIM cards. He declared that Iran population is about 76 million; more than 113 million SIM cards have been conceded which 58 million of them are active. The Minister of Communication and Information Technology has pointed the executing of Electronic Election and asserted: in this period of presidential election, there are 70 thousand electronic voting boxes and we are trying to provide security and stability of voting process. Nami also gave a report from the achievements made by ICT Ministry during 9th and 10th Government and said: privatizing, conceding the license of operators, issuing the license for the operator of 3rd Generation and First postal operator, issuing the license for 6000 counter services offices, registering 8432 stations in ITU, trying to register 18 aerial stations and 31 land stations for satellite networks, increasing transit rout in international level, neutralizing viruses attacks and cooperation in different consortiums are number of them. Also reducing time of delivering postal packages and tracking them online, launching the system of Special Post and Direct Post, system of online shopping via Post, distributing 2.5 million justice shares and paying salary of the ministry retired person via Post Bank are some other developments made in the previous eight years.


May 27, 2013 15:14


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