Presenting Iran ICT Report in WSIS Summit

Iran yearly achievements in Communication and Information Technology Fields will present and describe in “World Summit on the Information Society” (WSIS).

Dr. Mohammad Karam Pour, ICT Minister’s Deputy and said this in an interview with News Unit of the ministry’s Public Relations Center and stated: this ministry will participate in World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in order to fulfill its forgone goals in international zone such as international scene management. In this period of the summit which will be held by the presence of different countries’ high officials, Iran latest achievements in accessing village ICT development information and the provided communication infrastructures will be posed, he added. Describing the efforts made for improving the role of ICT in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the other plans of Iran’s deputation to this summit, Karampour asserted. He with saying this fact that the place of ICT in Iran and Iranian family basket will be studied in World Summit on the Information Society, asserted that: probable harms which ICT may have for children are also will be posed and our deputation present their own suggestions. The Deputy of ICT Minister on Technology and Foreign Affairs with pointing the ministry’s goals in international zone, said that: our major defined goal for this section is: “presence in international association for scene management”; indeed, different developments have been made such as identifying managers and introducing them to international associations for fruitful and effective attendance in this kind of associations. Karam Pour named World Summit on the Information Society as one the most important summit in ICT and emphasized: this summit will hold with the aim of organizing popular access to information networks and enacting basic laws for equalizing information society goals and also completing international protocols.


May 18, 2013 21:12


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