Providing Stable connection is a force for Electronic Election

A committee has been established in the ministry of Communication and Information Technology as the name of “Committee of Providing Stable Connection for Electronic Election” in order to create the ground for electronic Election, speeding the election registration process, reducing the costs and provide the necessary connection which is secure and stable.

 As Public Relation of Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) reported, Dr. Mohammad Ali Forghani, the head of this organization, in describing the role of ICT ministry in elections, with pointing that fact that this organization as the ministry’s representative which issues activity’s license for ICT operators, pointed the important role of CRA organization in providing stable connection between all election’s branches and the central foundation; he added: members of the “Committee of Providing Stable Connection for Electronic Election” are the representatives from Infrastructure Communication Company, Communication Regulatory Authority, Information Technology Organization , and Mobile Phones’ Operators. Checking out the presenting of Cable Telephone, Mobile Phone and Internet services in more than 63 thousand villages and 1,169 cities, enjoying the capacity of more than 16,000 Government Electronic Services Counter Offices, Providing the connection for about 70,000 Electoral branches in the whole country via infrastructure networks, Telecommunication MPLS lines, Mobile Communication Network and also drafting the necessary observant and preventive guidelines for the way must the operators act are such developments made by the committee, he stated. The deputy of ICT Minister with pointing the importance of providing the secure connection in Iran infrastructures network during the election, said: in order to prevent having disconnection in the time of election and avoid the difficulties other organizations may cause, the related guidelines have been delivered to the organizations which are responsible.


May 18, 2013 21:12


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