ICT Minister: Investment in IT section saves costs

Investing in Information Technology section, with considering its importance in Iran, is led saving money.

ICT’ Ministry's Public Relations and information Center reported – Dr. Mohammad Hassan Nami, ICT president in his 4th provincial duty trip to Gilan Province, stated that: we are not looking for new enactments in this round of trips, but our goal is speeding up the last enactments implementation. The 10th Government are trying to do so and fulfill them in the last months remained. He also talked about that fixed clients telephone numbers will have the same code around the country and said: this operation is implemented in Gilan Province in some cities like Loshan and Manjil. Dr. Nami named some of the benefits this plan has, including presenting more qualified services, changing inter-cities call transferring cost to a province center to city’s cost, easy access to internet networks and making it possible for everyone use, cutting costs and having positive economic influences have on Gilan residents, specially of its small cities. It is necessary to present communication services in the deprived regions, ICT Minister said this in the meeting he has had with the officials of Astane Ashrafiye city. He continued: we have about 10 thousand and 650 villages in the whole country with the population below 20 families which communication and information technology services are presented in them in wireless format.


May 11, 2013 13:49


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