The head of ICT Ministry’s Passive Defense Committee in the Congress of Maher Center: establishing Gohar Centers in Administrative organizations

The necessary developments for establishing Gohar Centers have been operated and these centers start the work up to the end of this year.

Public Relation of ICT Ministry reported – Engineer Saeed Mahdiyoon, one of Position Board Member and the head of the Ministry’s Passive Defense Committee with saying this in “Technical Congress of Industry Zone Security Dangers and Pursuing Process”, stated that: different services have been presented to the applicants according to Maher Center defined duties. He with pointing the efforts made for establishing these centers added that: Maher Centers have been established under control of Iran Information Technology Organization with 3 main duties. Necessary movements in fields of learning and counseling, precautionary steps such as cautions and incidents and also reflective acts including aid management and coordination for reflective behaviors are such defined duties of Maher Center. The head of the Ministry’s Passive Defense Committee mentioned that security is provided beside coordination. He asserted that providing security for data transferring is impossible with island activities and commands, so Maher Center actions have had been based on coordination until today. The structure of Maher Center has been designed according to its duties and with considering the coordinative relations which this center must have with services users, specialists and the same centers in other countries and has implemented the plans, he continued. Mahdiyoon with pointing the achievements of Maher Center in presenting services in the year 1391, stated that: the services are divided to 3 parts which 2 of them are implementing governmental duties and presenting learning and developing services. Presenting special services to applicants for increasing security levels in different sections are another service which performs based on the price rate approved by Rules Regulatory Organization, he emphasized. Based on this report, this one-day “Technical Congress of Industry Zone Security Dangers and Pursuing Process” hold by Maher Center for this center’s comprehensive coordination system organizational members.



May 11, 2013 12:43


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