Developing Software Industry as a green Industry

Nowadays all countries are in search of Software Industry which is simultaneously a quick return industry and unthreatening to the society.


ICT’s Public Relations and information Center reported – Dr. Mohammad Hassan Nami, ICT president in his provincial duty trip to Khoozestan with saying this in a gathering of Lali and Andika towns officials, stated that: developing number of industries cause various difficulties in the developed countries and industrialized cities because of having some natural environmental harms, Software Industry is getting important and highly considered by people around the world. In Iran we have the same attitude and with the presence of Iranian scholars and young specialists, we have had some great achievements in this industry in different fields such as ICT, Aerospace, Nuclear Energy and etc., he added. The Minister of Communication and Information Technology mentioned that now, voice and video are transferred via telecommunication satellites in GEO layer and asserted: based on the studies, transferring files in higher speed and larger size is possible through fiber waves and the layers of the atmosphere by which we can serve our people more and in better ways, he continued. He with pointing to the enactments of the previous presidential duty trips said that: according to the emphasis of Dr. Ahmadinezhad, all of executive enactments must be fulfilled and implemented completely. Dr. Nami believes that serving people is a blessing and emphasized that: with having developments in different zones such as Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and related industries in these regions, we must create some jobs and this is not possible unless by local residents investing in each of them.


May 11, 2013 12:43


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