ICT Minister Emphasized: Protecting ICT Section’s investors

We must protect Communication and Information Technology investors in a way that assets not spend in other affairs out of ICT zone.


ICT ministry’s Public Relation Center reported - Dr. Hasan Naami, ICT Minister in his meeting with Semnan ICT managers alongside his provincial duty trip said that Communication and Information Technology can be a leader of other industries in Iran up to 46%. Our country has the relevant circumstances in ICT zone and able to challenge with other countries, he said. Dr. Naami talked that now we are working on creating a secure telecommunication network. He asserted that FAVA platform is being considered from other dimensions; ICT industry being updated and modern is one of them. FAVA platform technology is changing now. This change is in a way that for example: if the platform for transferring voice and data is optical fiber nowadays, it will change completely in the next decade, he continued. Naami declared that we believe that Telecommunication Company has not separated from ICT Ministry and we protect this company investing its assets on developments. At the end, Naami reemphasized again on protecting and supplying ICT zone investors and the matter of concentration in investing these assets only in this zone not in other affairs.


Apr 21, 2013 17:31


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