Using modern technologies is an obligation for increasing Post Bank services speed

Iran Post Bank Company obliges to obtain the help of modern technologies to increase its activities’ speed and accuracy.

ICT ministry’s Public Relation Center reported - Dr. Hasan Naami, ICT Minister in the introduction ceremony of Iran Post Bank CEO and the Head of Managing Board with pointing to the Post Bank year-theme (Past Experiences and Modern Technology for Economic Flourishing in Cities and Villages), stated that Post Bank planning must be accomplished with considering Post Bank goals and Micro outlooks of banking. During the previous year, we have witnessing that Post Bank made some developments in reducing the costs and we hope that this trend goes on, Naami said. He also talked about this company’s assets rising and asserted: Post Bank is capable of presenting financial conveniences in Iran deprived regions which should accelerate and expand more than before. ICT Minister in his speeches talked about Post Bank shareholders and said: this bank has micro and macro shareholders and should grow its stock values via increasing investments and profits. Along this introduction ceremony, Dr. Khorsandiyan, Insurance and Bank Affairs Office General Director of Economic Affairs and Finance Ministry said that: Post Bank Company activities in order to implementing social justice are very helpful and practical because of its presence in all part of the country and presenting services to our compatriots. He at the end promised that the ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance will support and protect Post Bank plans for following its own goals. Also, the new CEO of Post Bank in this ceremony with emphasizing on Post Bank goals in managing the costs, increasing the assets and improving services and clients satisfaction, said that in current year we are trying to develop Post Bank services and adding 10,000 branches to the current active ones. Ziyayi declared that increasing Post Bank stocks is the best advertisement for this Bank. According to this report, in this ceremony Communication and Information Technology Minister has appointed Morteza Farahani who was in charge of Post Bank before as the head of managing board and Hosein Ali Ziyayi as Post Bank’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Also Dr. Hasan Ali Hamze Poori has been chosen as the member of Post Bank Management Board.


Apr 21, 2013 17:29


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