Booshehr ICT’s General Director: No damages to Telecommunication Network in Booshehr’s quake center

The telecommunication network has not damaged seriously in the earthquake center and continued its operation and services as usual.

ICT ministry’s Public Relation Center reported- Eng. Samliyan with saying this in an interview with our news unit, stated that: only we have only some minor damages which caused by the vast number of people calls in the first hours of shaking because of their concerns which ended after a short time. For this, the region has been facilitated with emergency refuges, Mobile Phone Antenna (BTS) and Diesel Generator for supplying the necessary electricity of communication instruments and sets. Now, all telecommunication ways including cable and mobile phone are in operation in the region and we have no problem in communication, he added. Booshehr Communication and Information Technology’s General Director talked about other in-progress operative developments for serving people in this quake-stricken region and asserted that: ICT Ministry managing and experts teams such as Booshehr Province ICT General Directing Office were present in the region from the first hours after shaking. Until now, 8 free cable telephones have been installed by Booshehr Telecommunication Company around the quake-stricken city. Salmiyan talked about the status of the villages around Booshehr and said: as a result of our experts’ teams pursuing and investigations, the telecommunication systems have not damaged and services presentation in these regions restarts as soon as the roads reopening and electricity systems recovery.




Apr 21, 2013 17:27


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