30%increase in Postal services quality from the beginning of this year

Based on present indexes, Internal quality adaptation extent has a 30% increase and reached 80% through implementing Post strategic plans.

Engineer Mohammad Hasan Karbasiyan, the CEO of Iran Post Company with saying this to News Unit of Public Relation and Information Center of ICT Ministry, stated that: according to the present statistics, also the foreign quality adaptation extent has also increased from 88% to 95%. He mentioned that studying on implementing strategic plans has been started since February 2011 and operated for the first time last year. Accordingly postal services quality has been increased by 30% in that time last year. The CEO of Iran Post Company with pointing to the influences which this plan has on improving other available indexes in postal zones, said that: increasing total traffic of postal mails from 55 million to about 89 million during a month is one of the other achievements which gained by efforts of Post Company personnel and precise executing of strategic plans. So, for implementing the Post strategic plans, dedicated indexes have been compiled for different sections related to Iran postal activities in order to evaluate in progress project. Also provincial evaluation committees have been established and each week, evaluate the defined indexes status of 4 provinces. Karbasiyan mentioned that Post Company strategic plans have been compiled based on Balanced scorecard (BSC) and asserted: this method is considered as a successful international model to keep track of execution of activities and has 4 perspectives: Financial, Costumer, Internal Business Processes and Learning and Growth. Based on Post Company strategic attitude, some goals such as Efficiency Increase, Traffic and Income Increase, Costs Management, Process Conservation, Learning and growth improvement, quality Improvement and Increasing Costumers Satisfaction are highly considered, he continued. Designing and establishing IT Master Plan, reconsidering and compiling Operational Standards, Processes Reformation and Review and continuous pursuing and increasing costumers satisfaction rate are some of the other plans which are operating and implementing now in order to have strategic directing and fulfill Post Company objectives, Karbasiyan emphasized.


Mar 17, 2013 10:35


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