Booshehr ICT General Director: Increasing Telecommunication services quality in Khark Island

As a result of Booshehr ICT General Directing Office and local specialist efforts, now there is fiber-optic Communication in Khark Island.

Engineer Ali Samaliyanm Booshehr Province ICT General Director in his talk with News Unit of ICT Ministry’s Public Relation Department with informing about this good news said that: by making Fiber Optical Connection, the bandwidth increase for the people and companies in Kharg Island. Before this, the communication was via radio communication and copper wire which sometimes there were some difficulties in sending signals because of Khark special geographical location, he added. Samaliyan asserted that: through fiber optical connection, all people can enjoy high quality and stable connection. This operation has been started in 2007 but faced with failure because of various problems. With establishing Booshehr Province ICT General Directing Office on October, 2012, the province Lord Mayor has ordered this office to establish fiber-optic connection in this island before the end of the year, Booshehr Province ICT General Director said. For this aim and implementing the duties ICT Ministry assigned to Booshehr ICT General Directing Office, different meetings were held between related officials in infrastructure sections and Iranian Offshore Oil Company, he continued. As the result of these developments and local specialist efforts, now we have fiber optical connection in Kharg Island and ready to use, he emphasized. Samaliyan mentioned that before this, some foreign communication companies have presented communication services and said: after imposing embargoes of some countries against Iran, the companies haven’t been responsible for fixing the difficulties made anymore and Iranian experts have considered imposing these embargoes as a big chance which with hard working, taking fiber-optic connection into operation. Kharg Island is considered as a national symbol in the whole country because of its numerous active technology companies which work in oil products area which directed by Iranian and local experts, he said at the end.


Mar 16, 2013 08:19


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