Preparing technical infrastructure for PC Games

According to the facilities Iran National Information Network has, the necessary infrastructures for PC games will prepare and function.

ICT Ministry Public Relations Department reported; Creating appropriate platform for providing technical infrastructure for PC games is considered as one of ICT Ministry most important plans which cause private sectors act more efficiently, Eng. Ali Hakim Javadi, the head of Iran Information Technology Organization said this in the joint meeting held with PC Games National Foundation. Accordingly, some specific facilities are prepared for presenting information in high bandwidth in Iran National Information Network and one part of this network can be dedicated to PC games. The ICT minister’s Deputy believe that operating most of the projects should delegate to private sectors and asserted: in producing Iranian games engine, the private sectors will have our maximum protect which present our country the first place in the region and increase our export level in this industry. Hakim Javadi mentioned that nowadays, paying attention to the term of producing PC games is one of the most important issues that has important place in both cultural and economical terms of a country and many countries investing on it because investment results so fast and has so many benefits for them. He also talked about employment and high income which PC games market has and emphasized: the issue of culture making for this zone is in high priority because games are some tools for transferring a foreign country language and cultures to other countries and different countries aiming at influencing the young and adolescents of a country via introducing and exporting their PC games. The head of Iran Information Technology Organization gave an alert about the cultural dangers in this zone resulted by having any fundamental planning and emphsized: by having no defined plan for controlling PC games, different harms threaten us. One of the major items discussed in international conferences and summits like UNESCO Meeting of WSIS is using countries languages and cultures in virtual environments and I believe that PC games are one of the tools for transferring either language or culture, Hakim Javadi said at the end.


Mar 11, 2013 16:16


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