All countries must eliminate obstacles to scientific resources access

UNESCO and such international organizations should guarantee same access right to information and communication for all countries and eliminate all obstacles.

ICT Ministry Public Relations Department reported; Eng. Ali Hakim Javadi, the head of Iran Information Technology Organization in meeting of reconsidering informative societies heads enactments with the title of “Knowledge Based Societies, Stable Peace and Development” which was held in UNESCO Office –Paris- with saying this, stated that: the issue of scientific resources access limitation should be considered by international societies, foundations and organizations especially UNESCO which is the house of science, education and global culture in order to overcome this obstacle. He besides criticizing unequal circumstances and discrimination in accessing scientific resources added: nowadays nice slogans expressed by different organizations such as “Education for All”, “Information for All”, “Common Access to Science and Scientific Resources”, but we witnessing this kind of discrimination around the world and should find a solution for this important issue. The ICT minister’s Deputy pointed to utilization national learning network in different educational level in Iran and asserted: the aim of implementing and making use of this network is developing knowledge and removing the gap of accessing educational and scientific resources for different levels of society and also guarantee equality of access to sciences and technologies. Iran National Learning Network has 3 learning levels under its cover including “Education in Schools”, “Higher Education” and also “Vocational Education”, he continued. Hakim Javadi with pointing to Iran success in making schools intelligent and utilizing modern technologies in order to fulfill the slogan of “Each Home as a Learning Class”, said: until today, more than 50,000 schools have connected to Iran National Information Network and this is considered as one of our country most important achievements in the area of education. In Higher Education we have tried our best to provide the necessary condition for accessing instructors and students to scientific resources and texts and sharing these resources, he emphasized. The head of Iran Information Technology Organization mentioned that now, we are trying to create National Scientific Network with 1 GB bandwidth and declared: this affair cause great innovation in sharing scientific resources and by this action, all Iranian universities will connect each other and we can have distance learning. Also by utilizing National Learning Network in vocational education, all active profession educating institutes and foundations will connected and with simulation process, we can access virtual laboratories and workshops instead of real ones, he emphasized.


Mar 10, 2013 08:00


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