Pursuing implementing process of ECO Ministerial Summit enactments

Following the enactments of the 1st ECO Ministerial Summit on ICT which was held in Tehran and emphasizing the Deputy of International Affairs and Technology of ICT Ministry on implementing them, the pursuing implementation process of the summit declaration has been started and ready for operating.

Engineer Jan Bozorgi, ICT Ministry acting director of International Affairs Office in an interview with news unit of Public Relations Department, said that: Iran and ICT Ministry in responsible for 6 from the total 10 enactments of the 1st ECO Ministerial Summit which are pursuing with coordination of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ECO Secretariat. He with pointing to the operating process of the enactments added that: all governmental and private companies must prepare their proposal plans which have been approved by the ministers which after finalizing by ECO Secretariat will present to related officials. He asserted that: for this aim, some meetings will hold weekly with the attendance of the execution plans producers of ICT Ministry, Foreign Affairs Ministry and ECO Secretariat representatives. Jan Bozorgi mentioned that after notifying Foreign Ministry and ECO Secretariat declaration to Iran ICT Ministry, the implementation process has been started; For this, the proposal of establishing ICT Association of ECO in Private Section are finalizing now and send to related officials after final format drafting, he asserted. Jan Bozorgi said: other articles which approved in this summit are pursuing now by all related organizations and departments simultaneously which we hope they enter the operating phase in the near future. Acting director of International Affairs Office with pointing the approved articles and duties of Communication Ministry declared: establishing ECO’s Association of ICT in Private Section, cooperation for producing telecommunication software and hardware, cooperating between ICT regulators via creating workshops for ECO regulatory are such related articles of this zone. Increasing cooperation on education, research and transferring knowledge, developing ICT and telecommunication infrastructures and also cooperation in telecommunication services are other approved articles of Tehran 1st ECO Ministerial Summit on ICT.


Mar 2, 2013 12:14


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