ICT Minister’s Deputy: Ending Iran governmental websites hosting dependence

Now we are independent on our governmental websites hosting and all other organizations data save in our own country servers and we hope in addition to all executive organizations of Khoozestan province, private companies are also hosting inside the country.

As Public Relations Department of ICT Ministry reported, Eng. Ali Hakim Javadi, the minister’s deputy and head of Iran Information Technology Organization in the opening ceremony of the Iran 1st Provincial Data Center in Khoozestan which was held by the attendance of Khoozestan’s Vali Faghih representative and also the province lord mayor, stated that: in our country like so many other countries, the parliament has had a special and considerable attention to Information Technology and take this section into consideration like Electronic Banking, Education, Health and other issues; So if we look each section through the tool of Information Technology, certainly the result is fundamental innovations in every one them. He with pointing to the 46th Article of the Fifth Development Plan in which Communication and Information Technology Ministry is responsible for creating National Information Network, added: Provincial Data Centers are considered as information sub-complexes of this network. Hakim Javadi asserted that: from today, utilizing Iranian bandwidth instead of foreign one is possible by connecting internal sections to National Information Network and as the result, we will have bandwidth costs decreasing. He hopes all executive organizations and sections connect to this data center in the near future and asserted: connecting these data centers is free of charge for them. The next phase of innovation is related to home users which provides different services for them and in addition we hope we can have a great impact on national gross production too, he continued. The Head of Iran Information Technology Organization said that we believe that most of the information should be circulated inside the province instead of outside. We hope we can present new services to the users such as creating 100 thousand new email addresses with fine security. Javadi talked about the influence creating Provincial Data Centers has in each province and said: the issue of Economy of Information is highlighting around the world in Information zone. Now we are facing with pile of information and earning money from this has been taking into consideration. ICT Minister’s Deputy emphasized that in recent days which the issue of Information Economy is so important, considering information has a great impact on it and with this mass of information we have, collecting and achieving this information is so important for many people because it is a way for them to earn money. Hakim Javadi said: nowadays the developed Industrial Countries prefer to produce in underdeveloped countries and presenting services in their own countries, because this is considered as their dominance.


Feb 24, 2013 11:41


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