Dr. Nami in his introduction ceremony: ICT Ministry is considered as one of Iran strategic ministries

Considering ICT development and its importance around the country, the ministry of Communication and Information Technology is transformed to a strategic ministry.

 As Public Relations of ICT ministry reported, Dr. Mohammad Hasan Nami, the acting minister of ICT in the managers council meeting with was held with the attendance of engineer Nikzad and high ranking ministry officials said that: in general two main factors should be considered which are developing ICT industry and using this industry generally; undoubtedly the countries and societies which don’t follow these two will be omitted from the international society gradually. Nami pointed the especial point of view president which the president has to this ministry and said that ICT Ministry complex will bolster. He asserted that: up to now there have been high efforts made for ICT development and services presenting to the people, but it’s not enough and more activities must be performed and implemented. One of the areas which by its account so many activities can be operated, is research and studying and accordingly, I believe that various research projects must be defined and implemented for ICT development, he continued. The Acting Minister of ICT with pointing to the privatizing process in this ministry stated that: we believe some activities can be performed by the private sections, but the major parts and communication routs must be controlled by the ministry. He emphasized that this fact is highlighted in the ministry’s charter and the duties must be followed and pursued by the ministry subsidiaries like Regulation Organization. Dr. Nami stated: we hope that we can improve this important foundation more than before by the help, cooperation, consultation and making use of capabilities of the valuable manpower of this strategic ministry. Dr. Nami in this session has called Communication and Information Technology Ministry as a technical, scientific and religious family and declared: this ministry is considered undoubtedly as one of Iran infrastructural and influential ministries. In this short time, I have tried my best for developing and implementing in-progress activities and projects and I really happy for being beside this family from the bottom of my heart, he declared.


Feb 16, 2013 12:16


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