Mir Tajoddini: ICT Ministry performance is glorious

ICT Ministry and its subsidiaries performance especially those ones which performed after privatizing are magnificent and glorious.

As what ICT Ministry’s Public Relation and Information Center reported, Dr. Mir Tajoddini the president Parliamentary deputy alongside visiting ICT Ministry’s pavilion in Iran Government Achievements Exhibition with saying this, stated that: Communication and Information Technology after implementing privatizing process, is responsible for doing some governmental, constitutional and infrastructural duties in this zone which mentioned in Iran Constitution too. He pointed to privatizing process in ICT Ministry and added: Communication Ministry has succeeded in privatizing and now is free for fundamental, manageable and software planning. The parliamentary deputy of the president believes that ICT Ministry and its subsidiaries performance deserve a great fame and we hope this ministry continues his impressive way. He said about the role this ministry plays for Iran development and asserted that: development is meaningless without using Information Technology and we oblige to save and improve our global place in this zone for more improvement. In the most countries the role of information technology and presenting services on their gross national is highly considered which must be same in our country too, Mir Tajoddini said at the end.


Feb 16, 2013 12:16


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