The CEO of Iran MCI: modernizing Mobile phones network for quality improvement

With modernizing mobile phone network, structure reforming and network topology via using new technology and improving network capacity and capability, we can present better services and improve quality and quantity of MCI products packages.

 As what ICT Ministry’s Public Relation and Information Center reported, Vahid Sadooghi, the CEO of Iran First Mobile Operator (MCI) with saying this at the end of modernizing First Mobile Operator Network ceremony, stated that: this project has been implemented in 31 provinces in 2 years with the fund of 363 Million Euros investment. He added: the capacity of SIM Card registration centers (HLR) has been increased from 30 million users to 60 million and IN capacity from 20 to 40 million users. He with pointing to the advantages of this modernizing on messaging service asserted that: in this index the message sending number has been increased from 10 thousand to 40 thousand per second and also GPRS data from 0.18 GB/S to 2.2 GB/S. Vahid Sadooghi said that First Mobile Operator (MCI) JIRING have 25 million active users and in the recent year we have been signing cooperation contracts with 4 Iranian banks such as Sina, Melli, Ansar and Post Bank for presenting mobile bank services. He described the process of attracting new users and told about adding 9 million new users and continued: now we have more than 56 million users and MCI has 271 roaming operators in 112 countries. The CEO of Iran First Mobile Operator (MCI) mentioned that 68% of Iran active SIM card is belonged to this company and asserted that: the figure of penetrating mobile phone into Iranian lives is 114% which 74% is MCI’s share. He emphasized that: now we have 1169 cities (100% of Iran cities) and 69000 kilometers of Iranian roads under cover of this operator network. Sadooghi at the end said that Iran was on the 35th place in establishing GSM Network in 1994 and if Iran establishes LTE generation in the year ahead, will be in the 85th place in the whole world unfortunately, so speeding presenting next generation up is an obligation and vital for Iran.


Feb 9, 2013 08:31


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