Head of IT organizations: the universities' bandwidth will be increased 500 times

The capacity of the universities' bandwidth will be increased 500 times and reached to one gigabit per second by exploiting the national information network.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Minister and head of IT organization in his press conference with the media said:" the old generation scientific network, which has been launched in 1998, had provided two Mbps bandwidth for the universities, before this".
"In order to resolve the existent needs and according to Article 40, Part "e" of the fifth development plan, designing the new scientific network as well as providing the needed infrastructures in this area has been considered as the agenda of the ministry of ICT", he added.
Head of IT pointed to the benefits of scientific network and said:" this network provides the connection between the universities, research centers, seminaries and the institute".
He continued: "It is the first network which has been implemented based on IPV6 but could work on IPV4, too".
Ali Hakim Javadi said that there were very good information resources in the universities and research centers and continued:" the scientific network provides the conditions to share the resources in this area".
He emphasized: "the other features of this network includes: holding the medical virtual classes and distance learning in Medical Sciences universities".
"National scientific network will remove deprivation and due to the distance between deprived and developed areas will be reduced", he emphasized.
Deputy Minister of ICT pointed to the network as a platform for content production and said: "We hope to get an observable share of the world content production by launching this network and creating data centers in various parts of the country".

"This network has been designed by local experts from the private sector", he added.

He continued:" Ministry of ICT has a sovereign role in the network development and manages the private sector functions, such as making policy and directing the network implementation".
Head of IT organization said that more than 32 thousand schools would be connected to the national schools network tomorrow and continued:" now, 32 thousand schools have been connected to the schools network but this number will be increased to 35 thousand by the end of the current year and to 70 thousand by the end of the next year".
"Making intelligent one thousand and 600 schools is the other project that will be operated tomorrow, in order to expand information technology application at the society", he added.
He emphasized:" the projects that will be inaugurated tomorrow morning in Shahid Ghandi Congress Center are including: the first phase of scientific network, connection of 32 thousand schools to the national schools network and inauguration of one thousand and 6000 of intelligent schools".

Feb 21, 2012 15:37


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