Minister of ICT: Development of the nationwide fiber- optic network during the next 8 years

Minister of ICT: Development of the nationwide fiber- optic network during the next 8 years
According to the schedule; the nationwide fiber- optic network development will be completed during the next eight years.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Reza Taghipour, in the innovation and evolution congress said:" we are trying to improve the fiber-optic network in order to cover seven million subscribers during the next five years".
He pointed to the national information network and added:" the conditions will be provided to optimize the network opportunities by launching the national information network".
"Internet and the national information network are two separate categories and we are trying to prevent some internet damages in security, cultural, economic and social areas by using this network", he continued.
Minister of ICT said: "one of the measures taken in this regard includes: giving the public web-site hosting to the local data centers and 95 percent of that has been achieved till now".
"Also, the private companies, that provide services to the public sections, should give their website hosting to the interior companies", he continued. Dr. Reza Taghipour pointed to the measures taken in this regard and added:" the right infrastructures will be provided by ICT working-group and CRA commission in order to develop the current activities and provide the market needs".
"The executive rule's confirmation for "Article 46- part A of the fifth development plan" is one of the right infrastructure needs which has been approved in ICT working- group and it will be notified by Vice President very soon", he emphasized.
Minister of ICT said:" some networks such as schools, health and scientific networks have been developed in order to provide the needed infrastructures for the content development".
"Therefore, 27 thousand schools has been connected to the school network and 3 thousand to the intelligent schools network and also universities and scientific research centers to the network in order to use academic content and application service and supported by the ministry of ICT", he added.
Dr. Reza Taghipour emphasized:"The local search engine as well as the native operating system is the other infrastructures which are being created to provide services".
"The provincial data centers has been develop in 11 provinces , in order to provide the sovereignty needs, and also it will be launched in the rest 21 provinces next year", he continued.

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