CEO of Post bank Public Company announces: new services will be provided in rural areas

CEO of Post bank Public Company announces: new services will be provided in rural areas
All new and value-added services will be offered to the applicants in 1390 through Post bank branches in all villages.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Mohammad Hassan Mohebbian, CEO of Post bank Public Company said:" one of the main programs defined for next year is Post bank services development in the villages".
"Accordingly, the needed infrastructure for electronic services has been provided in the villages and e-banking systems will be launched in all 10 thousand rural ICT offices", he added.
He pointed to the main goals of the Ministry of ICT and Post bank Public Company in the villages such as reducing the poverty, waste trips and related costs, developing the villages and trying to prosper in rural areas.
CEO of Post bank Public Company said:" general software of e-banking services will be installed in all rural ICT offices" and he continued:" Also, some loans will be given to rural ICT offices next year to buy electronic equipments such as ATM and POS".
"All public bill payments and registrations will be done for the villagers by introducing a call center and launching an Internet system", he continued.
Mohammad Hassan Mohebbian said: "Now, all organizations' services, which have been providing in electronic form, will be offered to the villagers via the Internet and electronic platform".
He referred to online providing of the monetary and banking services as the main program of Post bank and emphasized:" we are trying to engage the organizations and institutions, which are providing financial and online services, as a bridge between people and them to increase the share of rural areas for these services ".
He pointed to other development programs for next year and said: "giving the facilities and rewards to the villagers from the considered resources is the other program provided by the ministry of ICT for next year".

Mar 6, 2011 10:50


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