Minister of ICT: modern agriculture can be extended by new technologies

Minister of ICT: modern agriculture can be extended by new technologies
we believe that managers and officials can use new technologies in different parts of Agricultural-Jihad to develop modern agriculture in the country and the world.

PR of the Ministry of ICT – Dr. Reza Taghipour at the opening ceremony of 200 centers of Agricultural Jihad to high-speed networks said: "new steps has been taken to achieve the government's slogans for giving services to the people and developing the country by performing the defined programs and exploiting the projects".
"Agricultural sector is considered as the main producer organs of the country and about 30 percent of the population is covered directly, so we can take advantage of new technologies such as information technology to develop faster and achieve to the defined goals in this section", he added.
He pointed that we could reduce the costs, improve productivity and save time in the agricultural sector with information networking and integration in this area by using these technologies".
Dr. Reza Taghipour pointed that farming virtual network had been started and continued:" We hope everybody benefits from these technologies by producing more content and introducing new applications and services on this network".
He continued: "This network will have an effective role to integrate the management of information and knowledge, particularly in agricultural sector".
Minister of ICT pointed to launching 10 thousand rural ICT offices in the country by the Ministry of ICT and said: "Now, Ministry of Agriculture access to over 10 thousand and 200 points and 10 thousand ICT rural offices can be connected to Agricultural Jihad network and farmers, cattlemen and activists in fisheries can use it easily".
He pointed to some applications of this network such as education, marketing promotion and supplying network management.
He stressed: "We hope to speed up the next phases, define new applications, services and contents on the network and also achieve to the vision of 1404 in the agricultural sector more than ever".
Dr. Reza Taghipour pointed to growing divide between cities and villages as the main problems in the past and said:" With the efforts made in the ninth and tenth cabinet, all rural areas as the urban areas have access to communication and their demands have been improved from the simple audio broadband to high speed Internet network".
According to the report, Hakim Javadi, deputy minister and head of the ITC pointed to information technology as a suitable tool to achieve the 20 years goals of the country and said:" Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministries of ICT and Agriculture has been performed In order to develop e-government".
He continued: "According to the agreement, 200-point of the Ministry of Agriculture has access to high speed networks with a cost of about 45 billion Rials".
"All provinces' centers, 155 cities and 10 rural centers in the country are covered by the network and now three types of electronic services have been defined and implemented on this network", he continued.

Mar 6, 2011 10:44


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