Minister of ICT announced: value added services will be developed next year

Minister of ICT announced: value added services will be developed next year
We will have a great development in value added services by considering the program for the year 1390, entering the third operator and providing the third generation services.
PR of the Ministry of ICT - Dr. Reza Taghipour in the conference of value added services of mobile in Iran said:" we have been waiting for this technology during the past few years and under a huge model of pressure of technology in the country but now all experts and officials in tenth cabinet know that the market has been provided for value added services".
"Today, it has been expected that universities be active in management and business in parallel with scientific and technical and professional subject's development", he added.
He noted: "converting the knowledge to national wealth and business issues is the main needs in the country so we hope to observe more development in the coming years by enjoying a rich scientific resource".
Minister of ICT by referring to the fifth development plan and major objectives in developing value-added services in the program, emphasized: "14 major indicators have been developed in the program as the operational symbols in this area and seven of them are related to value added activities".
"Today, a variety of mechanisms have been created in the ministry of ICT in order to provide the necessary infrastructure including ICT management work group", he continued.
Dr. Reza Taghipour pointed to the indicators developed in the fifth development plan and said: "Today, a full chain has been created in the Ministry of ICT to support this area that we can refer to the project of increasing IP network capacity which has been exploited during the last few days so the value-added services wont be provided if the infrastructure is not prepared".
"Ruling and organizing function in software and transnational organizations has been featured by creating IT organization", he emphasized.
He pointed: "Today, the Regulatory Commission is prepared to provide the necessary licenses for the required criteria and regulations and also we need a rapid transport network in Post section that the necessary steps have been taken by Post Company".
Minister of ICT said that some effective steps had been taken by the Regulatory Commission to speed up the services and the commission was ready to develop the necessary licenses and offer to the community.

Feb 27, 2011 12:36


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