Head of CRA announced: top operators will be evaluated based on Iran's National Quality Award

Head of CRA announced: top operators will be evaluated based on Iran's National Quality Award
Assessment Model for top operators in the field of PAP and SAP has been considered based on the model of National Quality Award of Iran as well as the four axes so maximum points is one thousand.

PR of the Ministry of ICT- Dr. Mohammad Karampour, Deputy Minister and Head of CRA said: "In this way, self-assessment will be done by the operator's holders before evaluating by the regulatory".
"Accordingly, based on the topics of National Festival of ICT, the operator's holders will prepare a report to show how has considered each of indicators", he added.
He emphasized that the evaluator group that consists of internal and external evaluators from CRA would review the statements sent by the operators and then give points.
Dr. Karampour stating that Top ICT festival creates incentives for competition and emphasized: "competition for promoting the quality of services led to the section development and people's satisfaction as one of the main beneficiaries in ICT areas".
He pointed to some features of assessment of operators such as justice, honesty, transparency and assimilation and continued:" This professional assessment will be based on the regulatory thinking, principles, rules and literature and the evaluators has necessary and sufficient knowledge and expertise in this regard".
He continued: "four main axis by several indicators has been defined in order to evaluate the operators of PAP and SAP"
Head of CRA by referring to the evaluate parameters considered for fixed and mobile telecom operators said: "it has been determined some parameters in order to measure the service's quality and performance of fixed and mobile telephone networks in complementary and value-added services".
"These indicators have been defined and determined for each operator based on bilateral connection points between telecom networks of the operators and the supplying the quality for the subscribers and users of these services", he added.

Feb 27, 2011 10:51


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